The company was founded in 1973 by Andreas Tzelepis with the name “Tzethan”, subsequently renamed Tzelepi Chrysoula in 1987 and kept that name until 2004, when with the addition of two more members in the family, it tool its present form as Tzelepis Theodore & Co.

The company’s headquarters and manufacturing sector are located in the 6th km of Thessaloniki-Katerini highway, in the new privately owned area of 1500m2. Tzethan is active in manufacturing and trading of professional equipment. It is one of the largest companies in the Greek market and the rapidly growing European market (more than 3000 devices every year). Tzethan’s products are available in hundreds companies of professional equipment in Greece and Europe. Tzethan cares for its customers and it proves it by maintaining with most of them long-term and stable relations. This contributes to the continuous effort of the company to achieve for its customers benefit:
• Reduction of the total manufacturing cost
• Reliable and efficient equipment at the most competitive prices of the market.

Our purpose is:
• The provision of products and services of high quality and value,
• With emphasis on customer’s complete, rapid and flexible service and offering the same sound and sustained technical support.

The maintaining and strengthening of its leading position in the Greek and European market, always, paying attention to the human factor inside and outside the company.


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